Intelligence By Technology.


Machine learning, analytics, visualization and artificial intelligence (AI) have made huge progress over the last few years. Not so long ago Siri, automated movie recommendations and self-driving cars were science fiction. All these techniques are based on learning from data. Tools to work with this data are only developed recently. ByTec specializes in the implementations of these upcoming technologies to help you learn from your data.


What we offer

Picture colorization

Automatically add color to old pictures

Process mining

Let data impose the business process

Information retreival

Crawling, indexing and categorizing the web

Employee scheduling

Automated employee scheduling


Dashboards to monitor performance

Text mining

Understanding your language


What we have created

Automatically colorized picture Original colorized picture

Automatic colorization

Add color to old black and white pictures using AI

Interactive demo's coming soon


Eindhoven, Netherlands

Thomas Hagebols